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Barre Fitness Insurance

Barre Fitness Insurance is a Division of Total Dollar Insurance. We've developed a niche insurance program to specifically fit the needs of Low Impact Fitness Studios with a unique expertise in Barre Fitness. With hundreds of boutique fitness studio clients, we understand your needs and exposures and will ensure you obtain the most comprehensive coverage at the lowest premium possible .

New Studio Owners Don't Need To Feel Overwhelmed

Barre Fitness Insurance will hold your hand and help guide you through the process of opening your studio.  We'll provide an "Insurance 101" guideline to outline what coverages you'll need and exactly when you'll need it.

Are You Compliant?

Barre Fitness Insurance will review the insurance requirements of your franchise agreement and/or the terms outlined by your lease to ensure you remain fully compliant. We've helped many studio owners negotiate with the landlord for insurance requirements that are more favorable and appropriate for a low impact fitness studio. Barre Fitness Insurance

Streamlined Quoting:

We've streamlined the quoting process and will take 95% of the responsibilities right off your plate. We'll provide a premium indication within 24 hrs.  Barre Fitness Insurance will provide a better insurance experience.

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Our Goal:

Years ago I watched my wife face the challenges of opening her barre studio, and immediately recognized an opportunity to make a difference.  I already know the answers to the questions most brokers will hopefully figure out along the way. I specialize in the insurance for barre fitness studios, and my experience will make a difference for your business. 
                                                                                                                                                                  - Jon Rowe


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