Health Insurance

Policies differ widely in coverage and cost. Your agent will shop for various policies to find the best one for you. Total Dollar will make sure the policy protects you from large medical costs and does not contain any hidden exclusions or stipulations that you do not understand at the outset.

If your family includes just two adults, it is sometimes less expensive for each of you to have individual coverage than for just one of you to have a family plan. If you have children, or if you might have children soon, you need a family plan. Because situations change, it is important to review your health insurance regularly with your agent.

Cost is not the only consideration when buying health insurance. It is difficult to determine exactly what you will spend per year on health care. You do not know whether you will be sick 6 months from now and need an operation. You also need to consider the benefits of each policy – compare plans carefully for both cost and coverage with your Total Dollar agent.

  • Health Maintenance Organization: HMOs may offer health services through a specific network of providers that may come with fewer options but are also less costly.
  • Preferred Provider Organization: PPOs may provide you with a little more flexibility than HMOs, but may cost more.
  • Point of Service: POS health insurance plans may provide a mix of benefits from HMOs and PPOs.
  • High-Deductible Health Plan: HDHPs may help you pay less each month because the deductible is higher. A Health Savings Account may be added to help with expenses.