Specialties Insurance

Total Dollar Insurance - Specialty Programs cover you through your businesses in Podiatry, Dental, and Medical practices. We also provide insurance for your Boat & Yacht as well as your Fine String Instruments.

Podiatrist Professional Liabilty & Office Policy

Podiatrists no longer have to deal with "one size fits all" malpractice coverage

Peace of Mind with a Financially Stable Insurance Carrier
Insurance is provided through Fair American Insurance and Reinsurance Company (FAIRCO) a subsidiary of Transatlantic Reinsurance Company (TransRe).

Both FAIRCO and TransRe are A-rated by A.M. Best with an XV Financial Size Category ($2 Billion or Greater). 

The Podiaguard program is offered through National Administrator – Total Dollar.

Please contact us today to learn how you can benefit from Podiaguard.

Dental Professional Liability & Office Policy


Total Dollar is the oldest and most experienced insurance agency for dental malpractice coverage in New York. We have been taking care of dentists since 1979. We currently represent over 2000 dentists, and would like to include you.

Medical Providers Employment Practices Protection


Settlements range from $50,000 to over $200,000 with wrongful termination cases awarded in excess of $1,000,000. Defense costs also mounting up.

No other policy would cover these despite some belief that General Liability or Workers Compensation would respond. We can present you with EPL quotations by simply clicking learn more below.

Boat & Yacht Insurance


TOTAL DOLLAR’s boat department personnel know the difference between a Rhumb Line and a Dock line. You can go boating with the peace-of-mind that you have the proper coverage. Let us show you why Total Dollar is the boat insurance specialist for you!

Musical Instruments


It’s exactly what it sounds like: an insurance policy with specific coverage for your instrument. It usually takes the form of either:

  • A rider on your current renter’s or homeowner’s policy, or
  • A separate policy through a company that specializes in insuring musical instruments like Total Dollar