Life Insurance

Life insurance may also be used to help ensure that a family business will pass to your intended survivor. There are also benefits to certain types of life insurance plans during your lifetime.

Everyone deserves a secure financial future and that’s why life insurance is so important. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re getting ready to retire, a Total Dollar life insurance policy can help you give your family financial peace of mind if you are no longer there to provide for them.

  • Term life insurance plans: A term life plan may offer specific coverage for a set number of years for the same rate throughout its duration.
  • Whole life insurance plans: This type of plan may offer coverage for your entire life. While whole life insurance may be more expensive than term life, there might be more flexibility and a higher payout since it may have an investment component.
  • Universal life insurance plans: Universal life insurance also lasts your lifetime and may provide a higher payout since it builds cash value.
  • Final expense insurance plans: This type of plan is usually a whole life insurance policy and may be used to cover expenses like burial or cremation, a funeral service, and, in some cases, medical bills.