Boat & Yacht Insurance

Your boat is your escape, and that is worth protecting. With every boat or yacht insurance package, we take the necessary steps to ensure every voyage is smooth sailing. Our experienced and professional team is comprised of insurance agents with extensive boat and yacht knowledge; that means we know the difference between a rhumb and dock line.
Total Dollar offers exceptional yacht and boat insurance policies for every type of watercraft, including:
High-Performance Boats

When you’re cruising up to 180 MPH, total protection is crucial. Each of our high-performance boat insurance packages are custom-tailored to meet your needs – and we shop your boat with over a dozen insurers to find the best possible coverage. 


Your boat is more than a mode of transportation; it’s part of your lifestyle. Whether you enjoy day trips or occasional boating down the coast or lake, Total Dollar has boat insurance policies fitting for your unique situation. Relax and feel the wind in your face: we’ve got this.


Whether you are a recreational sailor or a top-ranked competitor, Total Dollar understands the ebbs and flows of navigating the seas. For over 5 decades, Total Dollar has built a first-rate reputation through our industry expertise and experience. Our team of professionals infuses that into all our sailboat insurance policies.


You cruise, play – and sometimes, temporarily live – on mega yachts. For both you and your passengers’ safety, your yacht must be safeguarded with adequate insurance coverage. We take all factors into account when we prepare a yacht insurance policy, including size, usage and location.

Sportfish Boats

Whether you have a day boat or a sportfishing vessel, Total Dollar offers comprehensive sportfish boat insurance policies tailored for your active lifestyle. Be sure to ask about our special sportfishing package!

At Total Dollar, we don’t just provide insurance protection – we build relationships. We’re here as your boat and yacht insurance advisors; call us with questions about maintenance, ports of call, or new boating technology and equipment. Experience our knowledge firsthand. After all, we work, play and live on the water too! Contact us today for a complimentary quote.