Dental Malpractice Insurance

Total Dollar’s dental malpractice insurance helps you brace for whatever comes your way. We’ve helped protect dentistry professionals since 1979 and currently represent over 2,000 dentists and oral surgeons. Our professional in-house claims department, led by a licensed litigator, works alongside you and your insurance carrier in the event you must file a claim.

Safeguard your career – and reputation – policies that fit the needs of your practice.
  • Claims-made or occurrence coverage
  • Built-in OPD Defense coverage
  • Limits up to $5,000,000 / $8,000,000
  • Leave-of-absence credits
  • Part-time rates
  • Optional office packages
  • Group discounts
  • New dentist discount


As veterans in the dental insurance industry, we know that dental malpractice insurance is crucial for oral surgeons and dentists performing any in-office procedures. It’s why we set out to create high-quality, affordable coverage options for each of our four programs – and deliver them with our unparalleled personal service.

Don’t leave your dentistry career unprotected; one procedure mishap can have costly repercussions. See how Total Dollar’s dental malpractice insurance policies can help safeguard your professional livelihood.