Podiatrist Malpractice Insurance

Shoes aren’t a “one-size-fits-all” – and your podiatrist malpractice insurance policy shouldn’t be, either. We know that podiatry malpractice insurance greatly differs from a standard liability policy. That’s why our team of experts design packages specific to your industry – and individual practice.

Trust Total Dollar through every step; because we’ve walked down these roads many times before. Our podiatrist malpractice insurance policies include important features for protection and peace of mind.

  • Consent-to-settle provisions
  • Peer review, disciplinary hearings and other regulatory actions
    (OPD) defense coverage
  • Up to $100,000 legal defense cost
  • Contractual liability coverage for HMOs, PPOs, IPAs and similar
  • Free extended reporting “tail” coverage for retirement
    after five years of continuous coverage
  • Up-to-date risk management course for CME credit
  • Helpful resources, including a free, 24/7 risk management hotline
    for podiatrists

Stability Worth Trusting
Total Dollar provides financially stable insurance through Fair American Insurance and Reinsurance Company (FAIRCO), a subsidiary of Transatlantic Reinsurance Company (TransRe). Both FAIRCO and TransRe are A-rated by AM Best in Class XV ($2 billion or greater). 

Premium Savings
Total Dollar’s PodiaGuard Program provides competitive rates on a procedure-based rating plan. Our podiatry malpractice insurance policies are flexible and cost-effective; we offer risk management credits, loss-free discounts, part-time rates, medical waste legal defense coverage and Medicare fraud reimbursement coverage.

Bundling Opportunities
Bundling your packages allows you to access complete coverage – and save money on both. We can bundle your podiatry malpractice insurance policy with general liability and workers’ compensation policies. Contact us for more information about how bundling benefits your organization.

Our customizable podiatry malpractice policies are a perfect fit for every size practice. Contact us today to learn how Total Dollar can help you step into the future with confidence.